CATALER of Automotive Catalysts and Activated Carbon



CATALER products spread and lead to the new age

We receive high reputation from OEMs in the world.

We mainly develope and manufacture “Automotive catalysts”, “Motorcycle catalysts” and “Activated carbon”.
Our main product is “Automotive catalysts”. Although there are many catalyst suppliers, it is rare that is specialized in automotive catalysts. The high level of technology is required, since automotoive catalysts have to be robust enough to support various driving conditions. Our development style is to work together with OEMs such as TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, and its technology receives high reputation from OEMs in the world.
We also develop and manufacture the motorcycle catalysts and other kinds of catalysts such as for leisure vehicles and lawn mowers by applying the above technology.
We also have “Activated carbon” business. As there are so many competitors in this field, we focus on the products and the environmental field by taking advantage as an automotive parts suppliers.