Special Activities

Special Activities


Business Continuity Management

Cataler has overcome the disadvantages of being located near the coast and within the hypocentral region of a major earthquake. We promote an independent risk management philosophy called C-BCM for the realization of human safety and continued product supply.
C‐BCM:Cataler-Business Continuity Management

Cataler Business Continuity Management


【Basic Business Continuity Guideline】

1.Maximum Priority to Human Life and Safety
・Maximum priority is given to the lives of employees, their families, and related persons.
2.Contribution to Local Communities
・Strengthen bonds with community and actively contribute to the Local community.
3.Reliable Continual Supply to Customers
・Reliable, stable supply to customers through maintenance and improvement of business continuity system.
4.Continued Improvement of BCMS
・Amend business continuity plans by regularly evaluating changes in business environment and training results.

Ready for Emergencies

Both hardware and software measures are accounted for should a major earthquake ever occur.
In addition to conventional earthquake-proofing and falling object measures for buildings and facilities, and the prevention of dangerous substance leaks from tanks, a dedicated seawall was successfully installed in 2014.
Other measures include the backup of information systems vital to business continuity and the storage of food reserves for victims unable to get home.
Along with tsunami evacuation drills and fire drills, simulations are also conducted to boost information processing capabilities during disaster times as part of ongoing activities to ensure emergencies are thoroughly responded to.

Seawall Simulation training

Contribution and Coordination with Local Community

Evacuation stairs leading to the adjacent disaster prevention forest (30m above sea level) were installed as a tsunami countermeasure. The evacuation facilities can also be used by the local residents.
Furthermore, we were the first to donate to Kakegawa City's earthquake and tsunami countermeasure works project.
We will continue to strengthen bonds with the local community through a variety of such activities.
Presentation ceremony for donations for earthquake and tsunami countermeasures

Reliable Continual Supply to Customers

We promote system maintenance for continual product supply should production temporarily stop due to a major earthquake like the Nankai Trough Earthquake.
Overseas bases are ready to take over production should production cease for long periods.
 Target recovery time and operation rate

ISO22301 Acquisition

There is always the concern that business continuity and disaster prevention efforts will fade with time.
The international standard for business continuity ISO22301 was acquired to ensure this doesn't happen.
We will continue to promote the strengthening of our business continuity strategy through implementation of a PDCA cycle for our management system.
ISO22301 Acquisition(26/10/2014)


The Challenge of Quality Innovation [Basic Construction]
The Work of Each and Every Employee Combines to Provide Customers with Products and Services that Exceed their Expectations.

The C-QIC (Cataler–Quality Innovation Challenge) initiative was introduced in 2012 to enable all group companies to create defect-free processes, facilities that don't breakdown, and business processes that don't fail. C-QIC is a method of continually improving product quality and work quality through implementing of a SDCA cycle.
Our company develops and implements PDCA from SDCA for further quality enhancements.

  • Standardize (mechanisms, procedures and processes)
  • Do
  • Check (quality, amount, cost, delivery)
  • Act (solve problems, issues)
  • Plan (business schedule)


Standardization and Evolution of Work

Completion of one's work requires the standardization of work processes in order for the previous and following jobs to be satisfied.

Creation of standards sheet for all work processes

  • Step 1Standardization of Basics

    Subdivide work procedure in accordance with the worker's skill ⇒ WISDOM, creation of work instruction sheet
    (note:Work Instruction Sheet for Divisioal Operation Management= work instruction sheet for staff)

  • Step 2Appointment of Person in Charge

    Master registration of persons well versed in this process ⇒ actualization of experience, intuition

  • Step 3Evolution Cycle

    Crystallization of good conditions and evaluation standards for subdivision work. Constant monitoring and revision of validity of procedures and operations ⇒ WISDOM, evolution of work instruction sheet

Preventing Reoccurrence

Work results, rework and work progress are evaluated to counter the actual cause of the operation which had an issue.
Furthermore, the work responsible for constructing the problematic operation's mechanism is also dealt with appropriately.

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