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Automotive Catalyst Technology is Highly Rated by Automotive Manufacturers Worldwide

Message from the President

Cataler's Role in Realizing an Environmentally Conscience Resource and Energy Saving Society

President 砂川博明

Solving environmental issues is a major task for us if we are to leave this beautiful and irreplaceable earth to future generations. We develop and supply catalysts and activated carbon products to customers around the world based on new environmental technologies that purify air and water. We boast world-class technology, especially in the realm of automotive exhaust catalysts designed for hybrid, gasoline and diesel vehicles.
In the catalyst field, we have developed technologies to drastically save raw materials such as precious metals and rare earth elements. Moreover, our manufacturing technology successfully saves energy during the production of catalysts.
In the activated carbon field, not only do we contribute to supplying safe water from purification plants, but we have also developed long life catalytic activated carbon for deodorizing sewage treatment plants as part of resource saving measures. Furthermore, we have been working on the development of next-generation technologies including fuel cell electrode catalysts and carbon materials for capacitors.
We will continue working toward a solution to global environmental issues for the realization of a sustainable human-friendly and eco-friendly future society. You can count on Cataler to meet the demands of the present age.

Management Philosophy

We have established management principles based on contribution to society and compliance with corporate ethics.

  • Keep strict observance of, and respect for, the language and spirit of all foreign and domestic laws and regulations, and engage in fair and open business practices.
  • Contribute to customer satisfaction and the creation of a prosperous society by offering cutting edge products and technology for greater harmony between humans and the earth.
  • Create a corporate culture based on mutual trust between labor and management, where employees are able to use their abilities and challenge new possibilities.
  • Be a company that contributes to the development of the local community and is loved and trusted by local residents.

Company Overview

Company Name   Cataler Corporation
Established   May 8, 1967
Capital   551.2 million yen
Major Shareholders   Toyota Motor Corporation
Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd.
  7800 Chihama, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 437-1492, Japan
TEL : +81-537-72-3131 / FAX : +81-537-72-5647
Business   Automotive catalysts (for gasoline and diesel engines), PGM solution, Materials for catalysts, Catalysts for fuel cell engines, Motorcycle catalysts (metal honeycomb, pipe, multi tube), Various metal catalyst support, Catalysts for general purpose engines (lawnmowers, chain saws), Leisure vehicles and marine engines, Catalyst for gas engine cogeneration, Oxidation deodorizing catalyst for factory emissions, Environmental catalysts (Ozone resolution, Deodorizing)
Major Customers    
Automotive Catalysts
  Toyota Motor Corporation / Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. / Hino Motors, Ltd. / SUBARU CORPORATION. / Isuzu Motors Limited / Suzuki Motor Corporation / General Motors Company / Volkswagen / Other
Motorcycle and General Purpose Catalysts
  Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. / Yamabiko Corporation / Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. / Suzuki Motor Corporation / Other
No. Employees   2,493(consolidated / as of April 1 , 2020)

List of Officers

Board of Directors

Title Name Duty
President Hiroaki Sunakawa  
Executive Vice President Hiroki Ichinose ARK Creation Centre
Director and Executive Managing Officer Hironao Kawai Production Engineering Function / Information Systems Division
Director and Executive Managing Officer Kazuaki Takada Research & Development Function
Director and Senior Managing Officer Yukiyasu Saeki Corporate Management Function
Director Ryuichi Sueyoshi 《President, Cataler Thailand》
Director Akihiro Yamanaka  
Director Toshiyuki Mizushima  
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Toshiaki Fujiwara  
Auditor Tomokazu Muraguchi  
Auditor Nobutaka Uchida  
Executive Managing Officer Tadaaki Okazaki President,Cataler (Wuxi) Automotive Environment Technology
Senior Managing Officer Yuji Goto 《President, Cataler South Africa》
Senior Managing Officer Yoshitaka Sakamoto 《President, Cataler Europe Czech》
Senior Managing Officer Nakaba Tamura 《President, Cataler North America》
Senior Managing Officer Hideo Takano Quality Assurance Function
Managing Officer Eisaku Kondo Research & Development Function
Managing Officer Isao Uda 《President, Cataler India Auto Parts》
Managing Officer Shigeki Nimura Production Function
Managing Officer Toshiro Itatsu Research & Development Function
Managing Officer Akimasa Hirai Research & Development Function / Manager, Strategic Technology Initiative Department

Sales Transition

Sales Transition

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