Achieving Sustainable
Success through New Value

Cataler has established VISION 2025 under the slogan of “Yakudo (Dynamic Progress), Yakushin (Breakthroughs), Hiyaku (Great Strides)” (three concepts linked by the kanji “Yaku” meaning dynamic motion) with the aim of delivering the new value provided by Cataler around the world and achieving global customer delight. We are dedicated to business growth, "MONOZUKURI" Innovation, proactive action, corporate social responsibility and human asset management. We are continually taking on the challenge of realizing our future vision for the company we wish to create by 2025, as described under VISION 2025, aiming to achieve sustainable successes through a continual cycle of improvements and reforms.



The five key phrases referred to above are the keys to GLOBAL VISION 2025:


Top message

Five keywords to realize GLOBAL VISION 2025

Business Growth

To become a global supplier capable of competing within the world market Challenging new businesses based on our core catalyst business

With the heightening of environmental awareness, demand is increasing for high performance products.
On the other hand, profitability is declining due to the escalating competition with our rivals.
Within this difficult business environment, we are aiming to expand our business by providing new value to customers as we harness the technology and know-how we have built through the history of the company so far.
At the same time, we are also aiming to build global supply structures.
Our challenge is to build new business with a perspective for our business structure in the coming decade.

"MONOZUKURI" Innovation

Transforming into a company delivering technology beyond the expectation of customers, with the highest level of product quality

Concurrent with diversification of customer needs and reduction of the required development duration, we are further boosting the additional value we provide to customers through precursory-oriented research and development.
In terms of process development, we are aiming to build flexible production systems that achieve high-quality as a follow-up to the existing innovative ZEC method.
In addition, we are also actively involved in generating new innovative manufacturing processes that will produce world-leading quality.

Proactive Action

Transformation into a proactive company capable of anticipating shifts in the environment

As the business environment changes with remarkable speed, we are aiming to aggressively take proactive actions after identifying and anticipating changes, sometimes moving forward with dynamic changes of direction.
In order to accomplish this, we must achieve rapid solutions to problems and issues and implement speedy decision-making and operations, as well as working to strengthen our communications by harnessing IT as we continue to evolve into an even more proactive company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Toward an enterprise loved and trusted by stakeholders

Today, there is a growing focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) due to globalization and the growing requirements and expectations of stakeholders. Cataler is also actively engaged in CSR work. As we move forward, we are aiming not only to implement consistent CRS activities across the entire Cataler Group, but also, through stronger communication with stakeholders to grow into a company that is even more loved and trusted by our stakeholders.

Human Asset Management

Toward an enterprise to foster personnel who can think and act on their own

Global business growth and environmental changes are further increasing and complicating the issues to be solved.
Cataler group now has even stronger requirements for self-directed personnel who can proactively solve problems and issues, contributing to the group's sustainable success.
Therefore, we are working to speedily train personnel who consider themselves deeply involved in the issues and can make a contribution on the global stage, while developing a corporate culture that encourages everyone throughout the company to come together to resolve issues.

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