Cataler's CSR

Human and Eco Friendly Product Creation
for our Irreplaceable Home Mother Earth

Cataler has implemented a uniform environmental conservation policy in the development, manufacture, and sale of exhaust gas purification catalysts for automobiles, motorcycles and other engine powered machines. We also develop, manufacture, and sell environmental catalysts for industrial and home use based on this technology. Cataler contributes to environmental cleanup and recycling through the development, manufacture, regeneration and sale of various products using activated carbon, a popular environmental purification agent.

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Top Message

Philosophy of "contributing to customer satisfaction and the creation of a prosperous society by offering cutting edge products and technology for greater harmony between humans and the earth.” aims to realize a sustainable society. Recognizing that it will lead to "SDGs", we have started activities to achieve the target by 2030 in order to contribute to air purification, reduction of environmental load, etc. through our business activities.
In addition, by accelerating efforts to help achieve a carbon-neutral society through the effective utilization of the catalyst technology and carbon materials know-how that we have cultivated over the years, we are contributing towards a resolution of the climate change related problems affecting society.
We aim to be a company that is trusted and loved by our customers, local residents, employees, and all other stakeholders, and we will engage in dialogue with our stakeholders and promote efforts toward the realization of our management philosophy.

President Hiroaki Sunagawa

CSR Policy and CSR Guideline for Suppliers

CSR Policy

Cataler has established the "Cataler Group CSR Policy," a breakdown of the company's managerial creed that provides each stakeholder with a foundation upon which to base CSR related activities.

CSR Guideline for Suppliers

The aforementioned "Cataler Group CSR Policy" states that all suppliers are expected to support this policy and act appropriately based on it. The "CSR Guideline for Suppliers" has been established to facilitate continued dealings with suppliers based on a relationship of mutual confidence.

Corporate Governance

Cataler maintains appropriate accounts and internal control as a legal entity through the establishment of a stockholders' meeting, board of directors, and an auditor, in addition to auditing by an accounting auditor.

The establishment of various committees including a business ethics committee, security control committee and export trading control committee ensures the deliberation and review of important matters along with the proper functioning of internal auditing. Moreover, a variety of regular in-house training is held to instill a sense of compliance in all group employees.

Social Action Activities

We endeavor to work in harmony with society as a good corporate citizen that is loved and trusted by the community.
Cataler strives to heighten each employee's social contribution awareness and co-exist with the local community through a variety of activities.

Cataler CSR activities


Shizuoka Adopt Road Program(Road Conservation Movement)

Cataler conducts annual cleaning activities along National Route 150 north of the headquarters in accordance with the "Shizuoka Adopt Road Program" (Road Conservation Movement) agreement signed with Shizuoka Prefecture and Kakegawa City in 2011.

  • Coastal Forest Regeneration (Planting) Activities

    We participated in planting activities organized by Kakegawa City in cooperation with businesses and volunteer groups to regenerate greenery along the coastline and restore the coastline's original function.

  • Local Contact through Summer Night Festival

    Local residents and the families of employees are invited to the annual summer night festival held by the company to promote contact with the local community.

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