Cataler's Environmental Activities

Human and Eco Friendly Product Creation based on Optimum Harmony between Humans and the Environment

We strive to create human and eco friendly products based on "Optimum Harmony between Humans and the Environment." Everything we do is dedicated to the preservation of the irreplaceable natural environment humans rely on for their everyday existence.

Basic Policy

Contributing to a Prosperous 21st Century

Cataler will develop and provide advanced environmental products for a more prosperous 21st century society. Moreover, through our corporate activities we will actively promote the continued achievement of zero emissions, more efficient use of power and LPG, and reduced environmental load by effective utilization of raw materials.

Pursuit of Environmental Technology

Working to accommodate both the environment and the economy, no stone is left unturned in efforts to unearth and establish new technologies in all our product development and production activities.

Independent Initiatives

In order to prevent environmental pollution, we promote ongoing improvements and thorough preventative measures. Activities are organized for all employees to participate in. Independent environmental goals and targets are set for environmental conservation, energy saving, the effective utilization of resources, office work, and design, development and procurement in each field based on our environmental policy. These activities are evaluated by an executive council led by the president and appropriately revised in order that they be achieved.

Coordination / Cooperation with Society

Along with strict adherence to all relevant environmental laws, regulations, acts, and agreements, as well as agreements with customers, Cataler promotes coordination and cooperation with all environmentally orientated segments of society starting with related companies and industries.

Environmental Education

All employees are required to participate in regularly planned educational activities to ensure the aforementioned activities are effectively conducted and their goals achieved.

Environmental Management System


The global environmental management system ISO14001 was acquired in October 1999 in recognition of ongoing environmental activities.

Education about the Environment

We regularly provide general environmental education for employees, specialist training for specific workers, internal auditor training for internal environmental auditors, and training for resident personnel and designated contractors.

Environmental Conservation Efforts at Cataler

Environmental Conservation Efforts at Cataler
Promoting Rational Use of Energy

CO2 reduction activities led by the Energy Saving Subcommittee encourage an overall reduction in wasted energy based on various measures to boost efficiency such as shutting down equipment during breaks in production and optimizing the performance of existing equipment.

Reducing Waste
Achievement of Zero Waste with Zero Emission Initiative

Waste reduction activities led by the Effective Resource Utilization Subcommittee include the development of devices that reduce the amount of sludge in waste water coming from equipment and the recycling of waste wood. We have continued to maintain a policy of zero waste since achieving our zero emission goal in 2007.

Environmental Contribution of Cataler's Products

Automotive Catalysts
Providing Products for Low Exhaust Gas Emissions

Exhaust regulations and fuels are as diverse as the countries that use them, with exhaust regulations becoming stricter each passing year.
Cataler contributes to the realization of low-emission vehicles by developing and providing new automotive exhaust catalysts in compliance with each automobile manufacturer's exhaust gas system. The majority of our products supplied in Japan are installed on 4 star vehicles.

Reduced Consumption of Scarce Resources

Exhaust catalysts make use of scarce resources in the form of rare metals and rare earth elements. An important mission for Cataler is to reduced the use of such resources while improving the performance of exhaust catalysts through ongoing technical development. As the figure on the right shows, our use of rare metals and rare earth elements is significantly decreasing each year.
We will further endeavor to pass on these precious resources to the next generation.

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