Automotive Catalyst Products

Cataler's Automotive Catalysts are Trusted the World Over.

Cataler's world-class automotive catalyst technology, which has produced innovations such as the world's first NOx storage reduction 3-way catalyst, is highly evaluated and trusted by major automobile manufacturers.

Example of automotive catalyst in use

3-way Catalysts


The toxic substances in exhaust gases, namely hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide (3-way) are transformed into harmless nitrogen, water, and carbon dioxide by the oxidation and reduction action of the catalyst.

Compliant with ultra-thin, ultra high cell substrates

Operates at low temperatures to efficiently eliminate toxic substances right from vehicle ignition.

Structure of Automotive Catalyst

Slurry containing the catalyst components (precious metals etc.) is applied to holes in the ceramic and metal honeycomb structure to form the catalyst coated layer.

About Catalysts?

Diesel Catalysts


Application of catalyst to the filter shaped substrate facilitates the elimination of particulate matter such as soot.

Structure of Diesel Catalyst

The filter's opening leads to a honeycomb structure that eliminates soot as the exhaust gas passes through.

About Catalysts?

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