About Catalysts

About Catalysts

- Cleaner than Fresh Air -
The Driving Force Behind Catalysts

Exhaust gas purifying catalysts are parts that reduce toxic substances in exhaust gas such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and nitrogen oxide into harmless substances like carbon dioxide and water.

Contact with Various Substances "Catalyzes" a Chemical Reaction

Catalytic substances such as precious metals chemically react with toxic substances in the exhaust gases of vehicles to produce harmless substances.

How Catalyst Products are Produced

  • Step01Material Mixing

    Materials used in the catalyst such as precious metals and alumina are mixed with water to create slurry.

  • Step02Crushing (particle size regulation)

    The slurry is ground to regulate the material's particle size and prevent the coating from peeling.

  • Step03Coating

    The honeycomb structure is coated with the slurry.

  • Step04Drying and Baking

    The structure is heated to fix the catalyst coating layer in place.

Advantage of our catalysts

Our Catalytic technology(Precious metal nanoprocessing technology, Material technology, Coating technology, Structuring technology)

Automobile catalyst

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