Cataler Quality

Gaining Customer Trust through Uncompromising Quality Im-provement.

Group companies actively introduce unique manufacturing and high-tech technologies to the production line in efforts to achieve high-quality, low cost product creation from the R&D stage. All employees participate in improvement activities such as the Dantotsu (Zero defects) Initiative.

※ISO9001 is only applicable to CATALER JAPAN
(as of 2017)

Integrated System from R&D to Manufacturing

We meet customer needs as a dedicated partner in the automotive field and various other industrial sectors through extensive activities ranging from the R&D of basic technology, to technical proposals, production technology development, and assistance in preparation for mass-production.

  • R&D of Basic Technology

    We conduct extensive R&D activities ranging from the development of basic technology for materials used in products, to evaluation test-ing using actual products. Cataler thoroughly evaluates the ideal specifications for each customer's needs from a performance, cost and quality perspective.

  • Development of Production Technology

    We develop production technology for the realization of high-quality, low cost products using unique know-how, by thoroughly isolating issues at the development and prototyping stage, and through evaluation of processes and equipment.

  • Prototyping, Testing, Commercialization

    Customers are guaranteed absolute quality by production technology based on sufficient validation and daily improvements at the manu-facturing site.

Quality Assurance System

We guarantee quality that exceeds customer expectations through activities including Factory Floor Quality Patrols, the Dantotsu (zero defect) Initiative, and QC Circles. Moreover, Cataler has established a quality assurance system guaranteeing uniform product quality through the application of identical manufacturing processes at our bases around the world.

※ISO9001 is only applicable to CATALER JAPAN(as of 2017)

  • Inspection of Incoming Materials

    ●Quality confirmation of incoming materials
    ●Cross check

    In-house metal substrates

  • Inspection of in-house PGM solutions

    ●PGM solution analysis
    ●Quality confirmation of in-house materials

    In-house powder

  • Slurry Inspection

    ●Property measuring


  • Product Inspection

    ●Dimension measuring
    ●Precious metal quantitative analysis
    ●Activity evaluation testing

    Final product inspection

  • Shipment

    ●Customer delivery, Dantotsu Initiative
    ●All lots Non-defective Initiative


Various Quality Assurance Activities

  • Factory Floor Quality Patrols

    Review of each site and its products

  • Dantotsu Initiative

    Aiming for zero defects in each process through cross-division improvement activities

  • Regular inspection of overseas bases

    Inspection analysis in Indonesia

Human Resource Development

QC Circle Activities

All employees participate in QC circle activities aimed at improving quality.

  • QC Circle Shizuoka Region Satsuki Championship

  • Global QC Circle Championship

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