Motorcycle and General Purpose Engine Catalysts

Catalyst technology for automobiles can be effectively utilized for a full array of internal-combustion engine applications.

Cataler currently develops and supplies small- and large-scale motorcycle catalysts, marine catalysts for PWC and marine vessels, as well as a full range of large-scale catalysts for gas engine cogeneration used for private power generation, heating and hot water in buildings and towns. We also provide a variety of exhaust gas purifying catalysts for internal-combustion engines used in gardening equipment including lawn mowers and chainsaws, and for leisure vehicles such as ATVs and golf carts.

Example of Motorcycle and General Purpose Engine Catalyst in Use

Metal Honeycomb Catalyst


Reduces the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gases of scooters and motorcycles into harmless carbon dioxide, water, and nitrogen.

Commonly Used Fields / Products
How the Metal Honeycomb Substrate is Produced
  • Step01Corrugation

    Metallic foil is corrugated.

  • Step02Winding

    Corrugated foil and flat foil are wound up together into a honeycomb shape

  • Step03Assembly

    The honeycomb structure is assembled inside a metal pipe.

Pipe Catalysts


Attached to motorcycles, golf carts and ATVs to reduce white smoke and clean exhaust gases.

Commonly Used Fields / Products

Marine Catalysts


Metal honeycomb catalyst used for PWC and other marine engine applications due to compliance with US exhaust regulations.

Commonly Used Fields / Products

Catalysts for General Purpose Engines


Small metal honeycomb is effective for cleaning the exhaust gas of gardening equipment with small engines including lawn mowers, chainsaws and trimmers.

Commonly Used Fields / Products
Lawn mowers | chainsaws

Catalytic Converters for Various Gas Engine Cogeneration


Cataler's independently developed large metal catalyst supports are becoming a popular choice for gas engine power generators used in buildings and for cogeneration combining heat utilization.

Commonly Used Fields / Products
Power generation for buildings

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