Cataler Technology

Meeting Diversifying Needs with Long-standing Technical Know-how and Technological Development

R&D System

Meeting Customer Needs with Internal/External R&D System and In-house Development Process

We work with universities and external research institutes at the R&D stage, and material manufacturers at the product design stage in ongoing efforts to propose products that exceed our customers' expectations. Cataler also promotes V-model from material development to actual vehicle evaluation.

R&D System

V-model Development Process

Zone Coating Technology

Precious Metal Automotive Exhaust Gas Purification Catalyst

  • Conventional Catalyst
  • Advanced Catlyst
Effect, Purification Performance

Oxygen Storage Materials Technology

Material concept

  • Conventional Material
  • Development concept

Oxygen Storage Properties: uses oxygen site inside crystallite

OSC Properties and NOx Purification Performance of Developed Materials
Oxygen Storage Properties of Developed Material
Developed material stores more oxygen for longer
Achieved desired OSC properties with catalyst including developed materials
N0X Emission Behavior
Significant reduction in NOx emission amount

Production Technology

Production Technology System

Slurry is tuned, mass-production technology is developed, processes are evaluated, and facilities are established in order to realize the production of newly developed catalysts. Along with promoting the development of new methods to further boost performance and breakthrough cost reductions, our production technology and R&D experts are brought together to form a single organization.

Development of Methods for Stable Quality and Production

We have developed and are globally deploying the ZECT coating method, a high quality, high cost performance technique that fuses various basic technologies including state stabilization, slurry fractionation, and flattening to ensure even coating width.
Furthermore, an initiative aimed at creating high-quality, highly mobile compact facilities for developing nations with increasingly stringent exhaust regulations - is being promoted.

Image of targeted mobility

Compact Production Facilities DevelopmentSwift Transport of Facilities to Regions in Demand for Immediate Production

Development of Traceability System

We have developed a traceability system not only for quality data, but also process conditions to ensure customers only receive reliable products they can trust. Searching for a product ID brings up data about the catalyst materials it's composed from, the amount of precious metal used, unit conditions during manufacture, and other information vital for guaranteeing the quality of each and every product

Image of traceability

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