JAN10 2021

Tsubaki Miki 2021 First Round Snowboard World Cup Asian Top 11th



Tsubaki Miki, who belongs to our company, participated in “FIS SNOWBOARD SNOWBOARD WORLDCUP SCUOL” held in SCUOL (Switzerland) on January 9, 2021.



▼ WOMANS PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom)



・ 50 people from all over the world entered this race.

* From Japan, Tsubaki Miki and Tomoka Takeuchi (2014 Sochi Olympics PGS silver medalist)
* The order of the first run of the qualifying will be decided by lottery the day before (before the race).



(Qualifying 1ST RUN: RED)

With a good time in the 36 seconds range, she advanced to the second run in 6th place on the red course.

* The top 16 players (32 in total) from each course (red & blue) can advance to the Qualifying 2ND RUN.



(Qualifying 2ND RUN: BLUE)

Advance to the final tournament with 38 seconds, 7th on the blue course, and 11th on the total qualifying.
* In qualifying 2, a different course from qualifying 1 will be run in the order from qualifying 1 lower (16th) to qualifying 1 higher (1st).
* As the race progresses, the snow conditions on the course will worsen, so turn skills are required. (Of course, the time gets worse)



・ The final is a tournament system in which the player who finishes early wins, not the time.

* The tournament will be organized so that the top and bottom qualifiers will compete in the first match. (Example: 16th vs 1st)
Therefore, Tsubaki is 11th in qualifying, so she will play against the 7th in qualifying.



The first match of the final (best 16) is Claudia Riegler (Austria), a veteran alpine snowboarder who is 30 years older than Tsubaki.
Tsubaki unfortunately lost by 0.42 seconds, resulting in 11th place.

* In the final tournament, the top qualifying players can select the running course of the final race.



(Official Results )


Photo quote: FIS | International Ski Federation website


BIG FINAL can be viewed on YouTube (https://youtu.be/uY4C6w316Ys).


Sofia Nadyrshina (2003)/ Russia


Ramona Hofmeister (1996)/ Germany


Julie Zogg (1992) / Switzerland


Tsubaki Miki (2003)/ Japan


* Quoted from FIS | International Ski Federation website



I was surprised that Sophia (Russia), who is the same age as Tsubaki, won the championship in this tournament following the World Junior Championships.
The qualifying also passed the 1st place, and all the final tournaments chose the red course and won.
I realized once again that it is very important for Tsubaki to take the lead in qualifying and choose a course that gives her dominant position.
In order to achieve Tsubaki’s goal of “winning the World Cup Best 8 or higher three times” this season, it may be the key to be in the 8th place in the qualifying!
Alpine snowboarding where both time (qualifying) and strength (final) are important.
The more I knew it, the more interesting it became.


Let’s all support Tsubaki, who has grown up to be a representative player in Japan and Asia!