MAR08 2021

Tsubaki Miki World Cup PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom) place in the Top 8 for 2 consecutive races



Tsubaki Miki, who belongs to our company, participated in “FIS SNOWBOARD WORLD CUP ROGLA ” held in ROGLA (Slovenia) on March 6th, 2021.


■ March 6th (Sat) [WOMANS PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom)]



・ 52 people from all over the world entered this race.


* From Japan, Tsubaki Miki, Tomoka Takeuchi and Emi Sato was participate.


1st: Red course 31.90 seconds (6th place)

2nd: Blue course 33.05 seconds (9th place)


Passed 9th place in qualifying in total time: 1 minute 04.95 seconds


* Only the top 16 players (32 in total) from each course (red & blue) can advance to the second qualifying run.

* The top 16 players in the total time of the red course and blue course will advance to the final tournament.


★You can see the race (final tournament only) here (Facebook: Slalom Book)


■Quarterfinal 1 28: 00 ~



Tsubaki Miki (blue) vs Sofia Nadyrshina (red)




【 Final 】

・ The final is a tournament system in which the player who finishes early wins, not the time.


* The tournament will be organized so that the top and bottom qualifiers will compete in the first match. (Example: 16th vs 1st)

Therefore, Tsubaki is 9th in qualifying, so she will play against the 8th in qualifying.



(1/8 FINAL: Top 16)

・ Red course Tsubaki Miki /Japan(2003)

・ Blue course Ladina Jenny /Switzerland (1993)


Tsubaki won against Ladina Jenny, the champion of the European Championships (in Davos) in January.

* This race is not recorded in the live video.


(Quarter FINAL)

・ Red course Sofia Nadyrshina / Russia (2003)

・ Blue course Tsubaki Miki /Japan(2003)


In the quarter-finals, she played against Sophia Nadyrshina, the PSL champion of the World Championships held the other day (2nd place in PGS).

This year, Sophia’s unrivaled women’s alpine snowboarding continues. She also passed the qualifying in 1st place, 0.22 seconds behind 2nd place.

Sophia also won this race, and unfortunately Tsubaki was eliminated in the final eight.


* For official results, please see the FIS (International Ski Federation) official website.


This is the third time Tsubaki has advanced to the World Cup Top 8 this season.

I heard from Tsubaki’s family that she was a little slumped, but she was regaining her sense of racing, and as far as I saw the live performance, I felt that she was back to normal.

The scene where Tsubaki slammed her helmet and face before the start was very impressive.

We hope that the good news of Tsubaki will be broadcast on TV news in the morning at the end of the season!





3.20 (Sat) Berchtesgaden, Germany

FIS SNOWBOARD WORLD CUP Women’s PSL (Parallel Slalom)