MAR22 2021

Tsubaki Miki World Cup Final Round PSL (Parallel Slalom) promoted to 7th place in the world ranking with 4th place her personal best record.




Tsubaki Miki, who belongs to our company participated in “FIS SNOWBOARD WORLD CUP BERCHTESGADEN” held in BERCHTESGADEN (Germany) on March 20-21, 2021.
■ March 20th (Sat) [WOMANS PSL (Parallel Slalom)]


★ Click here to see the race (final tournament only) (Facebook: Slalom Book)


・ 45 people from all over the world entered this race.
* From Japan, Tsubaki Miki, Tomoka Takeuchi and Emi Sato was participate.
1st: Blue course 31.00 seconds (1st place)
2nd: Red course 33.48 seconds (1st place)

Passed 3rd place in qualifying in total time: 1 minute 04.48 seconds
* Only the top 16 players (32 in total) from each course (red & blue) can advance to the second qualifying run.
* The top 16 players in the total time of the red course and blue course will advance to the final tournament.



【 Final 】
・ The final is a tournament system in which the player who finishes early wins, not the time.
* The tournament will be organized so that the top and bottom qualifiers will compete in the first match. (Example: 16th vs 1st)
Therefore, Tsubaki is 3rd in qualifying, so she will play against the 14th in qualifying.



(1/8 FINAL: Best 16)
・ Blue course Tsubaki Miki /Japan(2003)
・ Red course Patrizia Kummer / Germany (1987)


Tsubaki defeated a local German veteran by 0.35 seconds.



(Quarter FINAL)
・ Blue course Tsubaki Miki /Japan(2003)
・ Red course Ramona Theresia Hofmeister / Germany (2003)


The quarter-finals will be played against Ramona, who is ranked number one in the world.
Although it was a goal at the same time, Tsubaki, who was in the top of the qualifying, advanced to the semi-finals.



(Semi FINAL)
・ Blue course Julie Zogg / Switzerland (1992)
・ Red course Tsubaki Miki /Japan(2003)


In the semi-finals, Julie (Switzerland), who is second in qualifying, is the opponent.
Unfortunately, Tsubaki was eliminated in 0.38 seconds, and Julie won the race.



(Small FINAL: 3rd place playoff)
・ Blue course Tsubaki Miki /Japan(2003)
・ Red course Carolin Langenhorst / Germany (1996)


▼ Race video
Tsubaki vs. Langenhorst | Small Final | Women’s PSL | Berchtesgaden | FIS Snowboard(FIS YouTube)


Carolyn from Germany is the opponent in the 3rd place playoff.


Perhaps she was too enthusiastic in front of the first podium, she couldn’t pass through the gate and DNF (started but couldn’t finish. Withdraw in the middle of the competition.)
* For official results, please see the FIS (International Ski Federation) official website.




■ March 21st (Sun) [TEAM PSL (Mixed Parallel Slalom)]


Participated with Shinnosuke Kamino (Toyota Motor) as the JAPAN1 team.


12th place after losing the first match.



In the final round of the World Cup, he was the top qualifying lap time and finished 4th for the first time. It is a word of “great”.
When I contacted her after the race, her next goal was already clear and I should keep an eye on it next season.



The world rank is 7th overall (PGS 8th / PSL 9th), which is a significant increase from last season’s 22nd (PGS 21st / PSL 18th)!



Next week, 25th (Thursday) PGS and 26th (Friday) PSL will be the World Junior Championships in Russia.
I would like to continue to support this season’s last race.