JAN10 2022

Tsubaki Miki, personal best at the World Cup PGS qualifying in the first round of 2022, finished in 9th




Tsubaki Miki, who belongs to our company participated in “FIS SNOWBOARD WORLD CUP” held at Scuol (Switzerland) on January 8, 2022.



WOMAN’s PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom)



■ First qualifying (blue course)

39.10 seconds (2nd place)


■ Second qualifying (red course)

41.02 seconds (7th place)



Qualifying total: 1 minute 20.12 seconds

Passed the qualifying with 2nd place in the qualifying


* The top 16 players from the two qualifying rounds can advance to the final tournament.




(Final tournament)

*  In the final tournament, the player who finishes earlier is win, not the time competition.


■ 1/8 Final: Best 16 (Blue Course)

vs Gong Naiying (World Cup rank 26th)


Lost by +0.14 difference


In the first race of 2022, she won 2nd place in qualifying (personal best) but lost in the first race of the final tournament.



■ 9th place

■ Earned FIS points (Cup points): 290pt (29)

■ World Cup Ranking (as of 8th Jan)

・ PGS: 12th place (105pt)

・ PS: 2nd place (80pt)

・ Overall: 7th place (185pt)






1st place Sabine Schöffmann (Austria / 1992)

2nd place Julie Zogg (Switzerland / 1992)

3rd place Ladina Jenny (Switzerland / 1993)


9th place Tsubaki Miki (Japan / 2003)


42nd place Emi Sato (Japan / 1990)


DNF (*) Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan / 1983)




Number of players: 55




* Do Not Finish

To abstain in the middle of the competition




This week,

1.11 Austria (Bad Gastein) World Cup Women’s PS

1.12 Austria (Bad Gastein) World Cup Mixed PS

1.14 Austria (Simonhöhe) World Cup Women’s PGS

1.15 Austria (Simonhöhe) World Cup Mixed PGS


It will be a hard week, but there is no doubt that it will be an important four races to test Tsubaki’s new sliding technique.



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