Cataler Innovation

To a New Frontier

We are actively developing advanced technology such as fuel cell electrode catalysts and carbon materials for capacitors to compliment our core lineup of exhaust catalysts.

Carbon Materials for Capacitors (storage cells)

Research of Carbon Materials Aimed at Effective Energy Utilization

Capacitors are capable of rapid charging and discharging, earmarking them for future use in a variety of fields. Cataler is calling on many years of accumulated know-how in the area of activated carbon manufacturing to overcome research issues such as the increased storage capacity of capacitors.

Capacitor Features

Capacitors have greater regenerative capacity than other storage cells and can rapidly charge and discharge energy. This makes them ideal for instantaneous input and output of large amounts of energy like when an engine is started, or during rapid acceleration.
Moreover, they are extremely safe storage devices with little environmental load as no precious metals are used in their construction.

Regeneration System Mechanism

The heat energy generated during braking that was conventionally wasted is transformed into rotational energy by the regeneration system and stored in the capacitor for reuse.

Other Applications

Wind power generation facilities, satellites, backup power for mobile phones and PCs

Establishment of technology to meet the need for greater storage capacity and faster charge/discharge speeds
  • ● High specific surface area (improved storage capacity)
  • ● Micronization (improved charge/discharge speed)
  • ● Optimization of pore size (improved charge/discharge speed)

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