Social Media (SNS) Policy

Cataler Corporation (hereafter "Cataler") welcomes everyone participating in our social media service (hereafter "Cataler's official SNS"). In addition, each employee voluntarily participates in and expresses his/her opinion in the Cataler official SNS.
Please note that this is only a personal opinion and does not express our opinion.

Scope of the Social Media Policy

This social media policy expresses Cataler's policy on the utilization of social media. This policy applies not only to our directors and employees, but also to those who use our social media services.

Terms of compliance for use

1.Users shall not engage in the following acts when using the applicable services. (1)Conduct that violates or is likely to violate public order or morality or laws and regulations (2)Acts that lead to or are likely to lead to criminal acts (3)Conduct that infringes the privacy of others and that violates the "Cataler Basic Policy on Information Security and Privacy Protection" established separately (4)Topics such as political or religious issues, insulting a particular individual, obscure content, or statements or actions that could cause a disadvantage to the Cataler Group (5)Copyright/portrait rights and their fair use, as well as acts that violate other incidental laws (6)The act of using for-profit the information provided by the relevant service or Cataler (7)Conduct aimed at making a profit using the relevant service (including introduction of the website, etc.) (8)Transmission or writing of harmful computer programs and disguised files, etc. (9)The act of preventing other users from using or accessing a Cataler Group service or any portion of it. (10)Other actions that Cataler determines are inappropriate in the Cataler official SNS

2.Cataler shall be able to take any other necessary action, such as deleting information and content, etc. posted on the site by the user, without prior notice to the user.

Compliance Items for Third Party Damages

In the event any damage is caused to any third party in connection with the use of the official SNS of the Cataler Group, the User shall compensate such damage at its own responsibility and expense, or settle the dispute with such third party, and shall not cause any inconvenience to the Cataler Group.

Compensation for Damages

Cataler may seek compensation from the user in the event that he or she violates this Code and damages the Cataler Group.


1.Regarding the integrity of information
Cataler does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, legality, etc. of the information provided by the Cataler Group, subcontractors, and other users in its services.

2.Regarding third-party damage
Cataler assumes no responsibility for any damage to users or other third parties attributable to such information, except for the cases where such damage is attributable to Cataler's intentional or serious error.

Intellectual Property Rights and Handling of Personal Information

1.With respect to intellectual property rights
When using Cataler's official SNS, the copyright of all information and contents posted on the site or sent to Cataler by e-mail etc. (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law) will be transferred to the caterer free of charge. The moral rights of the author shall not be exercised with respect to the use of such information and contents by the Cataler Group.

2.With respect to copyright
Users are not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, or transmit any information and content, etc. obtained through Cataler official SNS for any purpose other than private use within the limited range of personal or home use. In addition, information and content in Cataler's official SNS shall not be used without permission beyond the scope permitted by the Copyright Law.

3.Handling of Personal Information
The contents including personal information in the applicable service shall be managed in accordance with the separately defined "Cataler Basic Policy on Information Security and Privacy Protection".

About Changing Policies

1.Cataler may change this policy without the consent of the user. In this case, the latest Terms of Use shall apply to the use of applicable social media.

2.This amended Code will take effect from the time it is presented on this page unless otherwise specified by Cataler.

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