DEC18 2020

Tsubaki Miki (Cataler) Alpine Snowboard World Cup Round 2 10th




Tsubaki Miki, a player belonging to our company, participated in the “FIS SNOWBOARD WORLDCUP CAREZZA” held at Carezza (Italy) on December 17, 2020.


FIS Snowboard World Cup - Carezza ITA - PGS - MIKI Tsubaki JPN © Miha Matavz/FIS

FIS Snowboard World Cup – Carezza ITA – PGS – MIKI Tsubaki JPN © Miha Matavz/FIS


出典:FIS – SmugMug



(Qualifying 1ST RUN: RED)
Play against Milena Bykova (Russia), the gold medalist of the 2019 Krasnoyarsk Winter Universiade, for the first run of qualifying.
Although she lost by 0.05 seconds, she set the 7th place time on the red course and advanced to the second qualifying run.

* The top 32 players from the first qualifying run (the top 16 players from the Blue Course and Red Course) can advance to the second qualifying round.


Milena Bykova instagram

(Qualifying 2ND RUN: BLUE)
The second run also played against Milena Bykova (Russia), who played in the first qualifying run.
It was a good race to return her first loss, and she defeated Buikova by 0.23 seconds and broke through the qualifying in 3rd place on the blue course and 8th place overall in qualifying.

* In the second qualifying round, players with the same results in the first run will play against each other in each RED / BLUE course. Each will play on a different course from the first one. (The running order is from the lowest player to the top player)
Therefore, the first and second cards may be the same match card.

* Only the top 16 players in the total time of the first and second qualifying rounds can advance to the final tournament.

(1/8 Final)
The final (from the third run) is a tournament system in which the player who finishes early wins, not the time.
This is an important race for Tsubaki, who is aiming to advance to the World Cup Top 8 three times or more this season.
Her opponent is Jessica Keiser (Switzerland).

She was unfortunately eliminated by 0.14 seconds …
Tsubaki has a better time in qualifying, but it’s difficult to win one-on-one.

* In the final, the top players and the bottom players will play against each other, such as the 1st place player vs. 16th place player and the 2nd place player vs. 15th place player.


Jessica Keiser instagram




(Official Results)
Ramona Theresia Hofmeister / Germany

Ladina Jenny / Switzerland

Selina Jorg / Germany

Tsubaki Miki / Japan


* Quote from FIS | International Ski Federation website


Tsubaki will play three consecutive games at the World Junior Championships 2020 in Austria this weekend!
19th: PSL (rotation) 20th: PGS (giant slalom) 21st: mixed gender

Do your best to become the best teenager in the world!

* Junior races can be entered up to the age of 18. However, overseas competitions can be played up to the age of 19.