JAN14 2021

Tsubaki Miki loses in the final 16 of the Snowboard World Cup in Austria




Tsubaki Miki, who belongs to our company, participated in “FIS SNOWBOARD SNOWBOARD WORLDCUP BAD GASTEIN” held in BAD GASTEIN (Austria) on January 12th and 13th, 2021.

▼ Final tournament (race video)
Julie Zogg (Switzerland) vs Tsubaki Miki (Japan)



Quote from:Slalom Book FACEBOOK)


■ January 12 (Tuesday) * Night race


[WOMANS PSL (parallel rotation)]



・ 48 people from all over the world entered this race.

* From Japan, Tsubaki Miki and Tomoka Takeuchi (2014 Sochi Olympics PGS silver medalist)
* The run order for the first qualifying will be decided by lottery the day before (before the race).


(First qualifying: Red course)

With a good time in the 27 seconds range, she advanced to the second qualifying run in 7th place on the red course.

* The top 16 players (32 in total) from each course (red & blue) can advance to the second qualifying round.


(2nd qualifying: Blue course)

Finished in the 28 seconds range and advanced to the final tournament with a total of 14th place in qualifying.
————————————————– —
* In the second qualifying run, the course will be different from the first run, in the order of lower (16th) to upper (1st) in the first qualifying.
* As the race progresses, the snow conditions on the course will worsen, so turn skills are required. (Of course, the time gets worse)
————————————————– —

【 Final 】

・ The final is a tournament system in which the player who finishes early wins, not the time.
* The tournament will be organized so that the top and bottom qualifiers will compete in the first match. (Example: 16th vs 1st)
Therefore, Tsubaki is 14th in qualifying, so she will play against the 3rd in qualifying.


(1/8 FINAL: Blue course)

The opponent in the first round of the final (best 16) is her Julie Zogg (28 years old: Switzerland), who is ranked 1st in the FIS world (2nd after this race).
She unfortunately lost by 0.13 seconds, resulting in 14th place.
* In the final tournament, the top qualifying players can select the running course of the final race.
(Official Results )




Photo qupted from:FIS|International Ski Federation homepage


Sofia Nadyrshina (2003) / Russia


Cheyenne Loch (1994) / Germany


Selina Jörg (1988) / Germany

Tsubaki Miki (2003) / Japan

*Quoted from  FIS | International Ski Federation website



■ January 13th (Wednesday)


[TEAM PSL (parallel rotation)]


・ 24 groups from all over the world have entered this race.

————————————————– —
* From Japan, Tsubaki Miki and Shinnosuke Kamino (Toyota Motor) team participated.
* In this race, 1st runner: Men ➡ 2nd runner: Women (from qualifying to tournament method)


(Qualifying: Pre-Heats)

Play against the Czech team (Adam Počinek & Zuzana Maderova).
Win with a difference of about 1 second and advance to the final tournament.
* Only athletes who participated in the individual race the day before can participate in the mixed race.
* The total of the individual race rankings (male + female) on the previous day will compete for qualifying with the teams that did not enter the top 8 participating teams.




(Final: 1/8 Final)
Play against the 3rd seed Russian team (Dmitry Loginov & Sofia Nadyrshina).
————————————————– —
* Seed rights will be given to the top 8 teams in the total ranking (male + female) on the previous day.
————————————————– —


The opponent in the first match of the final (best 16) is the Russian team with Sophia, who is the same age as Tsubaki and is currently winning three consecutive games.
The first runner, Kamino, was 1.48 seconds behind Dmitry (*), and Tsubaki started.
It was a good run in 0.67 seconds, but lost to the Russian team and finished in 14th place.

————————————————– —
* In this race, the start gate of the second runner will be opened when the difference of 1.48 seconds for the first runner opens.
————————————————– —

(Official Results )




Photo qoted from:FIS|International Ski Federation homepage


————————————————– —
1st Austria
————————————————– —
■ Andreas Prommegger (1980)

■ Claudia Riegler (1973)


————————————————– —
2nd Germany
————————————————– —
■ Stefan Baumeister (1993)

■ Cheyenne Loch (1994)


————————————————– —
3rd Russia
————————————————– —
■ Dmitry Loginov (2000)

■ Sofia Nadyrshina (2003)



14th Japan
Shinnosuke Kamino (1993)
Tsubaki Miki (2003)
————————————————– —

* Quoted from FIS |  International Ski Federation website



Looking only at the results of this race, it is the lowest result of this season, but I think that the content of the race itself is the best of this season.


The next race will be the European Championships (both PGS) to be held on the 16th and 17th.
Last year, the race that was able to reach the podium on both days at PSL (2/8: 3rd place, 2/9: 2nd place)
I want Austria to have a Tsubaki smile.


RUSH! RUSH!! TSUBAKI!!!! (* ^^) v