DEC20 2021

Tsubaki Miki got off to a good start at the World Cup Women’s PGS but lost the qualifying



Tsubaki Miki, who belongs to our company participated in “FIS SNOWBOARD WORLD CUP” held at Cortina d Ampezzo (Italy) on December 18, 2021.






WOMAN ’s PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom)





■ First qualifying (red course)

vs Melanie Hochwriter (World Cup rank 12th)


39.61 seconds (2nd place)




■ Second qualifying (blue course)

vs Sophia Nadirsina (3rd in World Cup rank)


43.06 seconds (15th place)





Qualifying total: 1 minute 22.67 seconds

Qualifying defeated in 19th place


* The top 16 players from the two qualifying rounds can advance to the final tournament.





■ 19th place

■ Earned points: 120pt

■ World Cup Ranking: 7th (as of 12th Dec)






1st place Ester Ledecka (Czech Republic / 1995)

2nd place Sophia Nadirsina (Russia / 2003)

3rd place Ladina Jenny (Switzerland / 1993)


7th place Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan / 1983)


19th place Tsubaki Miki (Japan / 2003)


34th place Emi Sato (Japan / 1990)


Number of players: 56




As a result of trying new turn skill this time, which is the final race of 2021, Tsubaki slowed down because the curve could not be completely turned in the second qualifying race, but she said it was a race that will lead to next year.




In the first race of 2022, Tsubaki will challenge the World Cup (PGS) to be held in Switzerland on Saturday, January 8th.




Expect to be exactly what she said next time!

Thank you for your continued support.